Alzheimer's Disease Special 15% Discount


Recognizing the special concerns caused by Alzheimer's Disease, DentaFication® has redesigned its jewelry to contain more comprehensive identity information to better provide for the safety and well-being of the afflicted. As a special consideration, a discount of 15% will be applied to the regular price when the PayPal button below is used for your purchase.

Over and above the listing of illnesses, allergies, and dental records, this special edition of DentaFication® also lists the patient's name, address and birth date, along with a contact's name and phone number. It is infinitely more likely that a lost or wandering loved one will make their way back home when wearing their DentaFication®.

After you make your purchase at PayPal, return here and click here to go to the Alzheimer Order Form page to provide the information necessary to manufacture your item. 

Please note that the ID Card is not an included item in the Alzheimer Special Offer.

Alzheimer DentaFication® Special



***  Nothing extra is charged for tax or shipping.  ***