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1.   Q   If I am cured of an illness, can that be removed from my dog-tag?
      A   No. The engraving is etched into the stainless steel and cannot be removed.
2.  Q   If I get sick, can that illness be added to my bracelet?
     A   Yes and No. Of course the answer is no if there is no more room upon which the new information can be engraved. However, the answer is yes if there is room. Generally there may be extra space, especially on the back of a bracelet or on the DentaFication® Card which is a much larger object. If you send it back to "thingies,org®   P.O. Box 17541, Encino, CA 91416-7541 USA" postage prepaid with a payment of $17.00 ($10.00 engraving fee and $7.00 return postage) we'll have a shot at it. If it cannot be done, we will send it back to you with a $10.00 refund.
3.  Q   I am thinking of buying the bracelet. Will it scratch?
      A   If you wear it with bubble wrap wound around it, we will guarantee that it doesn't. However, although stainless steel is one of the most durable of metals, over time some signs of wear will show. Nothing is forever perfect, even stainless steel. 
4.   Q   I am concerned that my private medical information will be given out.
        A   This requires three answers. First, we will not release your information to anyone but you. Secondly, the whole essence of DentaFication® is to share your information with emergency and other medical personnel. And thirdly, no one will see a Dog-Tag worn under the shirt, or a Card carried in a wallet, and it is doubtful that a moving Bracelet will be easy to read by anyone without being really obvious. However, to be perfectly honest, the bracelet is so beautiful that everyone will be admiring it.


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