Use this form to give® information from which your jewelry can be manufactured.


Please fill in the form below and submit it to permit the commencement of the manufacture of your personalized magnetic bracelet(s).  

1)  To measure your wrist, cut a strip lengthwise from an 81/2 X 11 piece of paper.
2)  Wrap it snugly, but not too snug, around your wrist and mark where it overlaps.
3)  Straighten out the strip of paper and measure.
4)  We will add approximately 1/4 inch for your comfort on those puffy days.

Please note: Each of the different bracelets are uniquely designed. Bracelet sizing is accomplished by removing. or adding one or more links to a bracelet. The links may, or may not be the same size from one bracelet to the next. Be assured that® will do its best to fit the bracelet of your choice to your measurements, but because of the physical limitations of the link sizes, in rare instances we can only get close. We will not opt to make it tighter than your measurement, so it may ultimately appear a tad loose to you. Rest assured, we did our very best to meet your exact needs. And that's the truth.

 If you are having initials engraved, please select a font and enter it in the form below: 

Actually, tell us whatever font you want and we most likely can get it done.



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