"Short Stories, Vignettes, Parables, Anecdotes, & other strange words©" is the title of one of the books that Harvey is presently writing. So far, there are 15 stories written for this title, and they are just sitting. They get modified now and then each time they are re-read. Three examples are here for your reading pleasure. They are "A Very Special Love" (A true romance between a classic car and its owner), and "The Old Radio" (A fanciful story of an old man's encounter with his childhood via the magic of an old radio), The Ghoul Friend Who Became A Housewife (A story of a marriage of Ghouls.) 

You can get them to read from the Xtraordinary Menu, or by clicking the following links.

A Very Special Love             The Old Radio          The Ghoul Friend Who Became A Housewife.