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DentaFication® is a comprehensive Medical ID which includes your identity, a personal contact's identity, your illnesses and allergies, and a source for your dental records.

There are three products from which to choose: Bracelet, Dog-Tag, and/or Card. They are highly visible, accessible, fashionable, and easy to read. All this information will ensure you better care in an emergency.

All DentaFication® Medical IDs are made of 316L stainless steel to resist corrosion and withstand temperatures over 2,500° F. (That's hotter than molten volcanic lava.) With its durable custom engraving, it will survive a fiery catastrophe, and last you a lifetime.    

Access to your dental records is etched into DentaFication® to help authorities identify you with certainty. Don't be a John Doe while your family wonders what happened to you.

You and your loved ones deserve a durable and comprehensive Medical ID. DentaFication® is your best choice. Get it now. 

The Purchase and Order Process

1)    Select one (or more) of the fashionable six bracelet models, and/or the dog-tag, and/or the picture ID card using the appropriate PayPal "ADD TO CART" button below. Each selection will take you to the PayPal shopping cart.

2)    Either continue shopping, or make payment.  

3)    After making payment, return to this page and click here to go to the "DentaFication® Order Form" Be prepared to supply your Dentist's State license number, OR just supply his/her name and address. We can look it up.

4)    Fill out the Order Form completely, and submit it.

5)    If you purchased a DentaFication® Card and desire your picture included, scan a head-shot and email it to us at .

We will size, engrave, and ship your chosen item(s) first class USPS.

Got questions??? CLICK HERE to email us for more more information

Please note: For a special reduced price for Alzheimer patients, click here.



The DentaFication® Bracelet
SE Series

The DentaFication® SE series is a straight-edged center link, 316L Stainless Steel, Medical/ID Bracelet.
Length is adjustable from 9" to approximately 5". Width is 20mm (3/4").

Comes in Silver, Gold, or Mixed colors.



 Only $17.50 each

DFN-SE Bracelet Colors




The DentaFication® Bracelet
OE Series

The DentaFication® OE series is an oval-edged center link, 316L Stainless Steel, Medical/ID Bracelet.
Length is adjustable from 9" to approximately 5". Width is Center link 20mm (3/4") and 15mm
(6/10") for side links and chain.

Comes in Silver, Gold, or Mixed colors.




Only $17.50 each

DFN-OE Bracelet Colors




The DentaFication® Dog-Tag

The DentaFication® Medical/ID  Dog-Tag is made of 316L Stainless Steel, silver color, and comes in two sizes, Adult and Child. The child's dog-tag is slightly smaller, thinner, lighter, and is a much lower price. 

DentaFication® Adult Dog-Tags    

Model DFN-DT-A     $13.50

1.25 inches X 2 .25 inches with a 26 inch ball chain for security.
It comes with one tag, but up to two tags will be provided if
required to contain more of your health information.

 Child's Dog-Tag
Model DFN-DT-C     $9.50

1.2 inches X 2 inches with a 21 inch ball chain for security.
Comes with one tag.  

Every child should have one because you will not always
be with them in an emergency situation.


Choose Adult or Child before adding to cart 

DentaFication® Dog-Tags




The DentaFication® Card

To accommodate those who do not like to wear jewelry, we offer: 

DentaFication® Medical/ID Card. It is made of 316L Stainless Steel, is silver in color, and measures 2 inches
X 3 1/2 inches. It is the size of a business card and will fit nicely in a wallet.  Your picture can be engraved for an additional $20.00.

To send us your image to engrave (preferably a black and white photo), just scan your head-shot and email it to us at "" If you can't do that, just mail a photo to: "®, P.O. Box 17541, Encino, CA 91416-7541 USA." It will be returned to you with your Medical/ID Card.


DentaFication® Card     
MODEL  DFN-C     $17.00







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